Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wow ! 19 (including a few young runners) turned up for first run at SUTD

It's wonderful to see new faces joining our 12-year-old running group. 

Bee Lok, the man of the day, pointing (see above) to the path we should all take... 

...and then raising his hand asking people to follow him.

The gang of 4 at University Hall. 

At the overhead bridge

At the running track

Ai Jia and Justin with Zoe, their former principal from Anglican High School.

At the University Town.

You can create your car park at the University Town

Until I discover that it should be CREATE Car Park! 

There you are....CREATE Car Park

Ai Jia doing her cheeky pose.

The 3 leaders (AnC) in blue.

The make-shift breakfast point at SUTD with Bee Lok doubling up as "Ah Seng"

"Ah Seng" the kopi man

Bee Lok, wiping table....

Bee Lok, opening gate for runners returning via the back gate.

Bee Lok, arranging for ABC runners to plant trees at SUTD (above and below)

Leader N watering the new plant.

Choon Chiang holding up the branches for the gang of 4 to pass through.

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