Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to get to Temasek Club for this Sunday's run (23 May 2010)

To get to Temasek Club, you can go by Queensway and turn into Portsdown Avenue towards Normanton Park.  Make a U-Turn at Normanton Park  and turn into Portsdown Road.  Coming from East Coast along AYE, turn off at Normanton Park ( before Buona Vista)  into Portsdown Avenue  and then Portsdown Road.  Coming from Jurong along AYE, pass Buona Vista and turn off at Portsdown Road near the ST Automotive complex.

Park at Whitchurch Road which is located next to the entrance to Temasek Club to avoid paying parking charges. There are parking lots marked with “ Reserved for patrons and Wessex residents”  but just ignore the signs as this restriction is only applicable in the evening for the restaurant visitors. If in doubt, park further up the road.

Submitted by Choon Chiang

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