Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some ABC Runners attended the RI Inaugural Gryphon Award for MM Lee Kuan Yew on 13 Jan 2011

MM Lee arriving at Ritz Calton for the Charity Dinner with Mrs Lim Lai Cheng, Principal of RI. 

SM Goh Chok Tong with Jasmine (from left), Zoe, Mahean and Pei Lin.

Bee Lok and Yong Guan with Othman Wok, Former PAP Minister, and Chong Lye.

Serena and Mark ( Mark: "Best Choice")

Zoe and Lily

Jasmine, Naresh, Daniel and Pei Lin

Kheng Hua, Zoe and Mahean

Chong Lye and Rachel (seated), with Bee Lok, Daniel, Swan Foo, Yoke Weng and Yong Guan.

Mark, Bee Lok, Serena and Naresh

Yong Guan, Naresh and Mahean.

Daniel flanked by Jasmine and Pei Lin.

Zoe with Choi May and Mui Kheng

Naresh with Pei Lin, Zoe, Lily and Serena

Mrs Lim Lai Cheng with her two former RJC girls.

MM Lee taking his leave.

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