Sunday, January 30, 2011

More photos of the 30 Jan 2011 Run at MND

Leader C wrote to Leader A

4 coloured ABC singlets. 

More ABC singlets and T-shirts (including the ABC ladies' T-shirts)


Back from their runs...Choi May, Jasmine and Wee Boon.

Choon Chiang with the first generation ABC singlet. 

Mark with the latest ABC singlet.

Naresh is going to do his first full marathon this year; inspired by Leader A who told him to aim for a sub-6. 

One Boon whispering to another Boon.

 Zoe and Lai Yoke with their umbrellas

Posing with the iconic MBS in the background.

The Power of 3.

The men in blue

Morning SKOL

Choon Chiang caught in between two beautiful smiles.

Sharing their laziness or sentimality ?
5 ABC runners were spotted to be still wearing their Yelllow Ribbon 2010 laces. 
A prize for guessing which shoe belongs to Lily Aw? (12, 3, 6, 8 or 10 o'clock)

One for the album: Leader A and B.

From right to left...Great, Greater and Greatest!!! (Chinese New Year grandiosity)

Lily returns to the coolies' day. 

Waiting for breakfast to be served.

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