Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good turnout for first Sunday Run of the new year. 9 Jan 2011 Run is at SICC (Sime Road)

Good turnout on first Sunday of 2011

There was a good turnout for the first run of the year last Sunday (2 Jan 2011). Attendance has improved although not the same can be said about punctuality. As usual, there are always surprise guests at Dempsey with the appearance of Ah Kiong and Terrence. Looks like the WRX gang are back !!!

Yes, ABC runners are a competitive lot – whether they can run or not is another matter !! We started the run at a leisurely pace. Once we cross the road to Botanic Gardens, the Indian and Sub-4 decided to show off their colours by upping the pace. Ironman Eric did not join in the pursuit as he was still too tired from his recent exploits plus the fact that he has to take care of wife .  And, the rest of us just puff and huff to follow them at a distance. The weather was cool so it was actually quite a pleasant run. Still, Lau Goh  was out there to tempt the drinkers with his ice cold beer !! Lim , lim , lim ( and I thought that Xmas was over ).

There was a big crowd at breakfast@Ah Seng and we had to join some 4 tables. As there is a big crowd, good time to do a cash call as well !!!  ha, ha. Lots of the usual small talk. Luckily not too much of New Year Resolutions.

This Sunday run will start from SICC Sime. Usual time-  6.30 am. We will do the Kheam Hock  Road route as it is too dark in the forest in the morning.  Do you know who  is this Kheam Hock guy ??  . Turn up on Sunday  and you will find out.  Breakfast at Mei Lin Road.

Yoke Weng

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