Sunday, January 16, 2011

More photos of the 3rd 2011 Run on 16 Jan 2011

ABC Runners in red and pink

The ABC (Ladies' Section) A for Aw Lily; B for Boon Zoe and C for Chia Choy May.
Ladies B and C share exactly the same sir-names as their male counterparts whilst Lady A differs in two alphabets. 

Because of Mark's remark of "No Choice" during a gala dinner, part of the breakfast was spent analysing 
a) what he meant when he made that remark; 
b) how Serena reacted to that remark both immediately, during the dinner , on the way home and at home; 
c) could he have made a more refined and reflective remark such as " One choice"; "Final Choice"; "Everlasting Choice" or "Choiceless" (as in priceless). 
d) finally, why is he surrounded by so many "kay-pohs" who have nothing better to do than analysing past remarks. 
Incidentally, Ignatius Low wrote in today's Sunday Times (see below) about the word "irony" and its many interpretations. Serena, please note the the following by-line: "If 2 people can understand each other, does it matter if they have a flawed understanding of the words spoken." It only matters to the "kay-pohs"!!

The champagne breakfast, courtesy of Pei Lin and Shih Pin. 

Meeting of the two Hainanese; post-Guilin encounter.

Judy (please join us more often) and Lily.

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