Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hassan names 3 sons Aziz (A), Hamzah (H) and Shamsuddin (S)

Aziz (A), Hamzah (H) and Shamsuddin (S) : The 3 names Anglican High School (AHS) jaga 72 year old Hassan who has worked for the school for more than 52 years gave to his 3 sons. 
(Zao Bao 19 June 2006)

ABC Runner Zoe, principal of AHS, commented that Hassan is very precious to the school. He is a honest person and is very protective of the school. He is passionate about his work and is loyal to the school. He treats AHS students with love and concern and will always give his best in contributing to the school. 
(Zao Bao 19 June 2006)

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