Sunday, May 2, 2010

SICC Run attracted 21 runners on 2 May 2010

Choon Chiang (ABC stand-in writer as resident writer Yoke Weng is on leave after hectic Chengdu trip)  writes: The "First to Bata  then to school" tagline has now taken on a new dimension. Since early this week, Bata  opened a shop in Changi Airport, the first local branded shoe shop in an airport.  The tagline must now surely be " Have Bata , will travel"...
A total of 21 persons turned up this morning.  We were joined by Poh Choo ( Chiu Ngor's friend)  and Rajan Nair  ( Naresh's friend).  Rajan brought along half a water melon, which was very thirst quenching , in view of the fact that nobody brought drinks. After showering, instead of heading to the hawker centre, we took breakfast ( kaya toast, porridge, mee siam etc )  at the SICC poolside.

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