Sunday, February 28, 2010

ABC Runners celebrate 15th day of Lunar New Year and Shih Pin's birthday on 28 Feb 2010

Shih Pin and Pei Lin and their two lovely daughters.

Leader A is more interested in taking photos than the traditional lou hei.

Every one wants more good luck and prosperity in the year ahead including Naresh (dark blue T shirt) and Mahean (in light green T-shirt).

The master of lou hei Yoke Weng going through, step by step, the various ingredients used for lou hei and their underlying auspicious meanings.

Starting young, Pei Lin's nephew showing interest in lou hei and learning from uncle Yoke Weng.

Surprise visit from Pei Lin's neighbour Tan Yen Yen, VP & MD of HP, an old colleague of Leader C. I overheard her saying that she has been with HP for 18 years and when Leader C left HP, he had been there for more than 25 years!.
Bee Lok with ABC Runners' good old friend, Tan Joon Yew, currently based in UK. Joon Yew will make it a point to join ABC Runners for a run whenever he is back home.

If there is a prize for the ABC Runner with the "Most Profuse Sweating", Mahean will win hands down.

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