Friday, March 11, 2011

Run this Sunday 13 March 2011 at SICC Sime again (6.30am)

It was still dark as I drove into SICC Sime. But a lot of golfers were there early – probably doing their quick 9 holes. The ABC runners slowly streamed in and at first light, we started towards Kheam Hock Rd. The Indian did not turned up , so it was left to Shih Ping to lead the pack. Lai Eng tried to start a rebellion by taking the lead at the downhill part and dashed to NParks HQ ( ie the toilet! ) first. Relieved, he decided to stay behind. On the return route, some of us tried the red track at the University. Some went to the J Ballas Gardens ( for guava ? ) . Other than that,  nothing interesting to report.

We proceeded to Ah Seng for breakfast after showers. Did not have our usual fried carrot cake as the stall was closed. So, only the you char kuey. And there was a long queue at Ah Seng so the noodles took a while to arrive. Might be have been faster if Ldr A is around to use his charm on Ah Seng !! We had a long table so various people were talking about their pet topics at the same time. Lau Goh brought some flyers on the Mt Ophir trip so those who are interested, please contact him for a top of the world experience.

This Sunday we go back to SICC Sime again. We are running out of ideas for new routes as the requirements are so stringent – free parking, shower facilities, good breakfast !! . I was thinking of doing the run at Pasir Ris but since Lily is not working this Sunday, I decided to postpone it to another time. Some ABC runners are taking part in the Temesek Club amazing race, so the crowd may not be very big this Sunday.  Probably do the run in the forest then. So, see you around 6.30 am at SICC Sime on 13 March.

Yoke Weng

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