Sunday, September 25, 2011

ABC Runners try new route from Chong Pang to Sembawang Park on 25 September 2011

The new route: From Yishun Ring Road Block 115 to Sembawang Park (about 10km). 

Our usual Group Photo (No 1) before running; taken in front of a HDB block.

Choon Chiang, the architect of this new route, taking photos to convince the doubters.

Choon Chiang pointing to some Noni fruits; the juice from the fruit is being sold for its "medicinal" value.

Choon Chiang, the architect is now the excavator.  

Leader A is saying: "Complete and not compete".

Looking forward to reach Sembawang Park.

The gang of 4; the Chinese and Ukrainian connection. Lana lives next to the Gohs.

The Ashram off Sembawang Road. Quiz: Was this year's Army Half Marathon in support of the Ashram? 

The gang of 4 at one of their objectives.

The gang of 4 met the gang of 2.

Nai Eng led the other group of faster ABC runners  (by now, you should be able to name them) to take the Kg Wak Hassan route.


And both groups met at the Sembawang Park with representatives from each group (Bee Lok and Lily) posing with the original first generation ABC T-shirt and singlet.

Both groups gather to take a Group Photo (No. 2). This is the first time ABC Runners stopped at mid-point of the running route to take a group photo. Cheers!

The gang of 4 again ! Are they running or touring the place?

What a photo opportunity the 3 veterans!

Practising how to Kee Chiu. 

Bee Lok: "Wrong route. Cannot go to the jetty."

Shih Pin and Pei Lin: "Right route. There, look at the jetty!"

Wow, what a sight !;  ABC Runners heading towards the jetty.

Group Photo (No 3). Another first for ABC Runners: 3 group photos at 3 different locations (beginning, mid-point and ending).

The gang of 4 is split by the gang of 2.

Where is the Ukrainian?

For the record: we actually reached all the way to Admiralty Road !

Choon Chiang spotted this Yellow Ribbon poster.

What a surprise to see Mui Keng !. She joined us for the Gamas Avenue Hot-spring and breakfast.

Getting ready to boil eggs at the Hot-spring but Choon Chiang forgot to bring the eggs (early signs of aging?)

Never mind, we just heard that a beer a day can chase dementia away.

Choon Chiang: have more beach modelling and your forgetfulness will be a thing of the past. Can you remember my No 12 and No 13 joke?

Mui Keng enjoying herself at the Hot-spring with 3 members of the gang of 4.

The Ukrainian is laughing at Choon Chiang who is obviously enjoying his Hot-spring bath. Just heard that every bath using Gamas Avenue Hot-spring water can delay the formation of wrinkles and the onset of dementia. Research is still on-going to find out the duration of this delay. Also heard that Choon Chiang is assisting in the research. 

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