Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yoke Weng: Beautiful Rainbow on the day Steve Jobs passed away

I was away last weekend and I hope all had a good run and breakfast.

I was in the Silicon Valley last week and it was raining almost everyday.  On the day that Steve Jobs passed away , there was a beautiful rainbow ( actually a double rainbow) – see attached photo. Other than that, the day went by just like any other day.

Eric recently asked if there was interest in the HK marathon – and looks like there is no reply. I heard that the 5 hour limit has been extended to 5 and a half hour. Maybe some of you may be interested.

As it is been raining quite a bit recently, I thought the tracks at Gangsa may be a bit wet, so will defer that location for a while. This Sunday, we will start the run from Dear Ldr house in Garlick Av, usual time. Not sure if we will proceed to the Sixth Av coffeeshop as it is very crowded on Sundays. Play by ear.

See you at the usual time at Garlick Av .

Yoke Weng

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