Friday, March 1, 2013

Run on 3 March 2013 starts from Marigold Drive. We will gather to celebrate Shih Pin's birthday

Last Sunday's  (24 Feb 2013) weather was excellent for a run. There was a slight drizzle when I arrived. Coupled with the sea breeze, it was beginning to feel like winter. ( By the way, the HK marathon was also held last Sunday, so yes, good memories. I think George Yeo did a 10 km run with a timing of 65 mins. Probably many other Singaporeans too, including Mok  ).
As planned, we go on a clockwise direction. The pace was faster than the last time we were there. Also, no more shortcuts. Not sure if it was the slight drizzle, the crowds were visibly lesser than the last time. Not that I am complaining as it means that we do not have to dodge the bikes. Another point is the location of the toilets along the way. These are found on both sides of the river but they are generally on higher grounds and closer to the park areas ( as opposed to the housing area).  There was hardly any sun throughout the morning, so we had a good time resting after the run.
As usual, lots of photo-taking after the run - and all posed for a good shot by the coast-line ( see blog). After that, open-air showers and off to the coffee shop at Blk 301. ( no sure why the water pressure of the taps is stronger than that of the shower head ? ).
At the coffee shop, no need to really recee the various stalls as by now, we are all quite familiar with the place. Generally ok except for the prawn noodle stall.
This Sunday we will start run from Marigold Drive. The host ( birthday boy) will be cooking up a feast to feed all of you. Yes, there will be braised duck as well as kuay chap. If not enough food, ther will be waffles. I know that there are people who will just come for breakfast !!! Regardless, all are welcome. Free parking anyway. For catering purposes, please inform the host or hostess that you will be coming. ( or reply to this email). Not sure what we want to talk about this Sunday, but there will always be enough gossips to go around.
have a good run.
Yoke Weng
 ( on holiday, again !! yea. )

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