Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This Sunday (29 June 2014) run starts from SICC Thomson

Seems like attendance at runs are not too good lately. I suppose everyone is travelling for work or leisure. Hope they continue to run when they are aboard.

I was thinking hard about venue for this Sunday run. Also, not sure if people wants to have breakfast after the run etc... Well, this Sunday is the happy day for Pravin & Vidhya. The ceremony will be from around 10 am to 11.30 am. ( Indian wedding ceremony at temple are quite long. and there are a lot of walking around by the families on stage etc..)  So in order we arrive on time, , we cannot do a long run. Also, not sure if the men and the ladies want to go home and do their makeup before going to the temple.

Anyway, Lily suggest that we run from SICC Thomson this Sunday, 29 Jun. That way, there is a nice place to shower and powder up after the run. if you want to look good then bring your change along. May not have time for a good breakfast and we may skip. Play by ear.

So, Sunday run starts from SICC Thomson. Perhaps, to the Pierce gate and back. ( 10 km). Usual time. See you.

Yoke Weng

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