Sunday, June 27, 2010

13 June Run: No photo but a write up from our ABC Scribe Yoke Weng

First , congrats to Dear Leader as he takes over as CEO of NCS. But in typical ABC style, I just have to ask – “ What takes you so long, soldier?? “ . Ha, ha… time for a treat , maybe.

Last Sunday (13 June 2010) run was relatively uneventful. As usual, we started late around 6.50 am. Some blamed it on World Cup but I know that nobody in the group  would be watching the 2.30 am games. ( The one that watched the game did not turn up …. ) .  Then, we are off to the Bedok jetty. Along the way,  we saw Ldr B around the hawker center area. So, should we mark him as “present” or not. Anyway, he did not join as for breakfast. We also saw Seng Cheong on his bike.

After the run, we have the watermelon feast. Courtesy of who else ? – Rajan of course. This time, I have to ask him whether it is a whole water melon or half or three quarters. This is to prevent the hallucinations. For info, it is three quarters. (The remaining one quarter is in Rajan’s fridge !!! ).  Unfortunately, without the photographers ( AYG and GCC), there was no attendance taken.

Then, it was off to Old Airport Rd for breakfast. The usual place although we had wanton mee from 3 different stores.

This Sunday, we will go back to Dempsey Road. The usual WKS route. 6.30 am. Hopefully, we can still open the toilets. Depending on the response, we may go to Mei Ling St for breakfast instead. See you.

Yoke Weng

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