Sunday, June 27, 2010

6 June 2010 Run from Pei Lin and Shih Pin's place

Attendance at last Sunday (6 June 2010) run was slightly ok with the absence of a few regulars like Ldr A, Goh family, Mark family, Eric etc. And hence, it was surprising to have Jasmine making an appearance at long last. Punctuality was poor as usual. When I arrived at 6.32 am, there was no one else in sight !!! And for a moment, I wondered if I had gone to the wrong place.

Anyway, the ladies were busy talking about shoes, and I thought it was some Jimmy Choo or Ferragamo shoes. But it turned out to be these toe shoes made  for running. ( not sure the brand – is it Vibram ?) . Then, we are off and there was a light drizzle which stopped as we jogged along. As usual, Mahean was lost at the Ranger Station area and was making preparations to run another additional 5 km or so. By the time we are all back to Northern trail, there was a huge downpour and everyone was soaked.

Regardless, we had a good breakfast. Bee Hoon ,waffles with blackberries  and Milo Pin by Shih Pin. Bee Lok did not quite execute his half boiled egg to perfection so it was in the end three quarter boiled egg. The neighbours also dropped by and it was quite a crowd. Before we left, we were entertained to a balancing display by Mahean on the Wii Fit machine. He appears to be doing Ok until he was told by the machine that he has a Wii age of 66 years old !!! At that stage, he left for home immediately.

So, that is quite a Sunday morning. This Sunday, I thought we do something on flat ground and we go back to ECP. Not sure if there are any events on. ( There seemed to be always something on !!) . And been in ECP, I hope our carpenter- namely the Cabinet organizer will turn up as well.

See you on Sunday 13 Jun, 6.30 am at ECP B1 carpark.  Do be early as car park fills up quite fast.

Yoke Weng

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