Sunday, January 29, 2012

Record 16 turned up for ABC Run on 29 Jan 2012 at ECP F2 Car Park

Who started this round of laughter? Must be all their witty one-liners!

What a joy to see ABC runners enjoying themselves.

Mahean: "MU lost last night so I am here to de-stress and run with a psychiatrist (who enjoys taking photos (including this one) on Sunday)"

Leader B is back; 2 Sundays in a row. Choon Chiang sms me to inform me that before 2012, Ldr B's last run was on 30 Jan 2011 at Marina Bay area.

New member Mr John Lee, brought in by Nai Eng. Welcome John. I over heard you saying that you have signed up for 2012 Sundown Half-Marathon.

Leader C with Naresh, who has been busy lately and has not joined us for quite a while. But he will be seen  more often judging by the amount of fun and laughter he must have experienced interacting with the ABC gang.

Jasmine, here with Wen Eng, has also been coming for Sunday runs more often. How much should I charge Jasmine for increasing her hand-phone battery capacity by a meagre 10%? 
Answer: 10 cents!

Dr Chan Cheow Ju, a general practitioner and class mate of Wee Boon, dropping by to say hello. Cheow Ju, how about joining ABC Runners?

Choy May, effortless run on Sundays I am sure.

Nai Eng, sorry you tilted your head, couldn't show more of your hair. But the smile (more important than hair I am sure) is great.

Look at Yoke Weng's eye brows. Thicker and denser by the year.

Wow, such loyal ABC runners. Shih Pin and Pei Lin have been seen coming in ABC singlets on many occasions. Keep it up!. When we have the next batch of new ABC singlets (a reward for all if attendance continues to be maintained at 15 per week level), I propose that two of you shall be the first to get them. I am sure Leaders B and C would agree with me.

Lily came, ran and went. 
She had to run her clinic which started at 9.30am whilst the rest of us continued to run our runs.

The magnificent 7 with ABC singlets. We have so far had 4 colour singlets (white, red, blue and green). If attendance hits 15 per regularly, Leader A (with Leader B and C if both agree) will sponsor the next batch of singlets. 

Lucky 13.

One birthday "boy" to another birthday "boy". How nice to be forever "boy"? Somehow, they don't say birthday man. Birthday buns courtesy of Nai Eng.

Good shot taken by Nai Eng at Old Kallang Airport Foodcourt.

Another shot by Nai Eng. The topic of our breakfast conversation: "differences between men and women when it comes to........"


  1. Dear folks,
    Thanks to dear leader's A faithful recording of attendance of our runs, we have a formidable ABC runners's archive (which include many hilarious moments and stimulating breakfast time post runs).

    I have earlier appealed for running shoes not good enough for running but otherwise in good condition. It's too late to collect them in time for the needy teens in Batam. However, if you do not have any use for them, you can keep them for my church's next trip to Batam. I'll keep you posted when they are due for collection.

    Choy May

  2. Thanks Choy May for your message.

    Dear ABC Runners,
    Please bring along your used shoes which are no longer in use to our future ABC runs and hand them to Choy May for a worthy cause.
    See you on Sunday mornings.