Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday 22 Jan: Marigold Drive and Monday 23 Jan: Dempsey Road

Finally, we had a reason to go to the Labrador Park for a run. Well, Jasmine was the enthusiastic one that mapped out the route and we had to do the jetty part 2 times so that the total distance exceeds 10 Km.
The early morning rain seems to have deter early risers. Hence, as I drove into carpark B at 6.30 am, I could only see Nai Eng standing there with his bag. After some time, others started to drift in. So, we finally begin our run at about 7.10am and the carpark was starting to get full. We started off with a slow jog to the jetty (closed due to safety reasons) and then up the hill to whether all the old British big guns are. All are facing the sea, and the Japanese attacked us from land !! Belakang mati lah !! We went down the hill and joined back to Port Rd onto the MRT station which makes the start of Berlayer Creek Mangrove trail. It does not lead you into the mangrove swamp but merely skirt the edges – which is better since the mangrove are not disturbed. Then onto Bukit Chermin boardwalk which is created for you to salivate at the multi-million dollar dwellings and the yachts along the coast line. Finally, round the so-called Keppel Island which is probably just one big football field.
As the weather is quite cool, it is quite a pleasant morning run. As most of the route is not quite shaded by trees, it can be quite hot when the sun is up. Will try to feature this route into our regular Sunday run and see if others also like it or not.

Back to the run this Sunday. This Sunday is CNY eve , not so many places are open for breakfast. As such, we will start the run from Shih Pin/Pei Lin house on Sunday. The usual 10 km round the McRitchie Reservoir. After that, we will have a sumptuous breakfast prepared by Shih Pin. If you like, you can bring some of your New Year delicacies as well.

On the first Day of CNY ie Monday 23rd Jan, we will do our traditional first day run ie a short run of about 3 km. No breakfast and all can go home after the run for their visits and other programs. We will start from Dempsey Road. Try to start about 6.45 am as some may need to rush home. Come in your red clothing.

So, Sunday run – Marigold Drive. Monday run- Dempsey Rd.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.
Yoke Weng  

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