Sunday, December 19, 2010

10th Anniversary Celebrations (Part 3): Winning Lucky Draw, Dancing with Seok Choon and Popping Champagne

Brandon winning the First Prize with a happy father Choon Chiang besides him. He was the first person to pick the first lucky prize winner and he picked Leader A who instantly donated the prize back to the pool of prizes!!.

Seok Choon (5th from left) leading the ABC Lady Dancers in a Chinese dance. From left: Judy, Juliet, Lily, Tricia, Seok Choon, Zoe, Choy May and Chiu Ngor.

Juliet (in yellow T-shirt) leading the ABC Runners in doing a Y-shaped cheer!!

Leader A and C both opened a bottle of champagne each; assisted by Mark,
the Social and Bonding Events Sub-Committee Chairman of ABC Runners.

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