Thursday, December 30, 2010

No New Year's Eve Run this year. Run on Sunday 2 Jan 2011 at Dempsey

No New Year Eve’s Run this year (2010). Run on Sunday 2nd Jan 2011 at Dempsey Road at 6.30am.

Tomorrow is New Year Eve. Unless there are big objections or suggestions to alternative venues, I have decided to call off our usual midnight run as the crowds make it quite difficult to have a decent run. I think the crowds will be even bigger this year with all the IRs in the Marina Bay. Hope the Gardens in the Bay will be ready next year and we can go there again. If there are interest, we can have a New Year Day run on Saturday ( separate notice if there is run), else we will do our usual Sunday run on the 2 Jan.

For Sunday run, we will have it at Dempsey Rd. Breakfast at Ah Seng. Usual time 6.30 am. I know it is still dark in the morning but it is quite nice to start early and watch the morning getting brighter.

For a Better Tomorrow ( 明天会更好) ( Masa Depan Yang Baik) ,

Yoke Weng

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