Friday, August 19, 2011

ABC Runners' Run this Sunday 21 Aug 2011 starts from MND Building

Last Sunday run was quite the usual - people coming late, some run ahead, some run around the Gardens etc.

As the group was not supposed to be big, we decided to have breakfast upstairs at the hawker center instead of at Ah Seng. But the breakfast population grew and we have some breakfast-only runners. Cannot remember what was discussed at breakfast but it was the usual un-important stuff eg numerology  - the significance of the number 23 - only prime number with 2 sequential numerals. ( significant ?  who cares ...) .

Anyway, this Sunday run will start from MND building. Likely route will be to the Marina Bay area. So it will not be a long run. Side loops may be to Fort Canning Park or River Valley.

See you at MND carpark - 6.30 am, 21 Aug. ( the last Sunday before the Presidential Election - isn't this significant !! )

Yoke Weng

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