Sunday, August 14, 2011

Celebrating Singapore's 46th birthday on 9 Aug 2011 at Shih Pin and Pei Lin's house

Standing to attention whilst singing the national anthem.

Jasmine buttoning Chiu Ngor's T-shirt? And sharing a private joke with Wee Boon joining in the laughter?

Preparatory shot; no prize for guessing who's the photographer?   

Lemuel stretching to get his share of durian with Wen Eng enjoying a mouthful of the King of Fruits. 

What is Choy May pointing at? Is Zoe trying to grade how good is her mouthful of durian?.

Choy May and Chiu Ngor obviously pleased with their durians.

What is Hugo trying to do here?

Another photo of patriotic ABC runners standing to attention singing the national anthem.

Look at the number of durians on the table.....all awaiting for Shih Pin, the durian opener, to speed up.

Lai Yoke and Choon Chiang: Eyeing in two different directions?

Lai Yoke and Choon Chiang back in focus with Wen Eng smiling away. 

Listening to Zoe telling stories.

Zoe continues her story with Lemuel recording her story?.

Attentive listeners.

Yoke Weng is doing a Hi-five with the camera man.

Lai Yoke serving the various types of cheese (specially brought to Singapore from France by Hugo's family) she brought for the party; assisted by Poh Choo with Chiu Ngor waiting to have a taste of it. 

Cheese ladies but where is the wine?

Brandon doing some simple leg-bending exercise.

Pei Lin with her No 2. daughter. 

All are in for this group photo.

Finally Chiu Ngor gets to taste the special cheese.

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