Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More photos of the 7 Aug 2011 run round Bedok Reservoir

Photo taken by Choon Chiang who, together with Lai Yoke and Hugo, was on the other side of the Bedok Reservoir and did not get a chance to meet the rest of us.

Lai Yoke and Hugo stretching away. Hugo is blessed with an asthenic body frame (meaning, he will not put on weight even when he eats a lot). Some of us are pyknic (fat rounded build; meaning, we easily put on weight and have to watch our diet carefully).

Lai Yoke resting on the symbolic "Berlin Wall" at Bedok Reservoir !.

Resting after 2 rounds of the reservoir.

So wonderful to see Wee Boon and Wen Eng joining us for breakfast at a coffee shop in Bedok. 

Pei Lin, who just completed her swimming in the morning, also joined us for breakfast. 
Seen here with Lily and Zoe.

Look at this photo. Like it? 

Wow, look at the background!. And of course Willie Cheng in the foreground.

Look at the sweat after 2 rounds of Bedok Reservoir (8.6km).

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