Monday, February 11, 2013

10 ABnC Runners celebrate Lunar New Year at Dempsey

Group photo just before the run. Choy May joined us later.

Zoe pointing to the "depression" that caused her to trip and injure her left ankle. 

Walking away from the "depression".

Pei Lin putting cold compress onto Zoe's sprained left ankle. 

Zoe "resting" her left sprained ankle.

Look at all their different facial expression. Who is the least expressionless?.

Husband and wife combination. Double happiness. 

Choon Chiang showing Choy May Chinese New Year video.

Shih Pin spotted an interesting tree and immediately got the attention of Wee Boon.

Wow, the gang of 5. The shortest is in the middle.

The 5 beauties. The tallest is in the middle.

Look at the odd one out.

Who is the fairest of them all?

At Adam Road Food Court

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