Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Sunday (24 Feb 2013) run starts from Punggol Point

It was a cool morning as we assemble at the carpark of SICC Sime. It does not get bright till after 7 am. ( that will start to change this week). As we waited for others to turn up, we were ambushed by the hoards of mosquito who were waiting for their lo-hei breakfast. Against the light of the car headlamps, you can so many of them that even you kill tens of them, you will still get bitten by the others. So, we start our run quickly so as to get away from the mosquito.

The usual route to Kheam Hock. Other than the "old man" who dash to the front and took off like a bullet, the rest of us were jogging along at a good brisk pace. The traffic was not very heavy but somehow, Dear Leader seems to have a bit of a problem with the drivers as he had a close encounter with a few of them. I presume there is a lack of mutual understanding on the intention of both parties. Regardless, please do be careful when you run on the roads. Never assume - better to be alive than being right all the time.

We had our showers after the run. Off to Adam Road hawker center for nasi lemak and the mee rebus. I joined the queue for the nasi lemak as it was only about 6 people. It turned out to be a longer wait than expected as the 6 people in front bought some 30 to 40 packets in total.  Another lesson - the waiting time is not necessary proportional to the queue length. Oh - joke of the morning - One new Chinese citizen was looking at all the concessions offered at the cinema and so he asked - how do I get to become a senior citizen. Well, he thought that you can progress from a citizen to a senior citizen  just like a doctor to a senior doctor.

This Sunday is chap goh mei or yuan xiao jie 元宵. It used to be one of the Chinese Valentine days as the ladies get this chance only once a year to go out and watch the lanterns. Of course look at all the hunks and scholars along the way. Anyway, this marks end of CNY festivities and yes, the end of the lo-hei raw fish for the year.

We will go to Pungggol Point for Sunday's run. We will do the route in the clockwise direction so that it will not be as hot. As usual, always good to start early. Usual time.

See you.

Yoke Weng

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