Thursday, February 7, 2013

Run on Sunday (1st day of CNY) 10 Feb at Botanic Garden. Start from Dempsey Road at 7am.

It was a slow start for last Sunday run starting from the Marina Barrage. When I reached the barrage at 6.45 am, only John  was waiting there patiently. Soon, the others started arriving - Lau Goh, Ldr A, Zoe,  the Tans, Nai Eng, Choy May, Bee Lok. We had the usual photo taking ( countless of times !! ) and off we start.

We crossed the barrage towards the golf course - or rather Garden by the Bay East. No obstruction as we jog along the river. We turned around when we reached Costa Rhu. Yes, it is all clear all the way to the Indoor Stadium. We proceed to run around this part of the Garden - no super trees, just a plain simple Garden. Lau Goh was trying pick up golf balls along the fence but there was none. The route along the coast line back to East Coast parkway was blocked by a locked gate. I think there are still some construction along there - the big Marina underwater highway to Tanjong Pagar. yes, this is all part of the infra to house 6.9 million.  ok, I digress.

After the run, the usual shower party proceeded to the toilets to clean up while the non-bathers went to "cope" place at the Satay By the Bay food center. Choy May had sent out a message that she was buying breakfast. She was elated to be crowned champion for her age group in the Green corridor run. So, she had $500 cash prize and a blackberry. ( hopefully, she can get onto whatsapp now !) . Apparently, the original champion turned out to be a man. Sorry, I do not have the full story but I do not think there was any gender testing involved.   

And at the satay by the bay, the party begins. It was quite deserted when we arrived. It started off modestly when ordered just the breakfast set - coffee, toast , eggs. Then the pau, siew mai, lor mai gai etc all start to pile up. We could make all the noise we wanted as we had practically the whole place to ourselves. Pei Lin was showing the youtube video on the parody of the by-election based on the Hilter spoof. And the rest was having a lot of sidee discsussions.

Seems like the free breakfast deal is a big attraction !! Soon, we were joined by Lily, Mark and Serena, Lieng Seng and Judy. Unfortunately, only the coffee stall was opened and we could not order any satay, chicken wing, chilli crab, etc.....Maybe another day when some abc runner become champion .  Regardless, we had a long breakfast until the rain came !!! And what a downpour.

Back to this Sunday, 10th Feb. We will do our traditional CNY First Day run around Botanic Gardens. We will proceed to Adam Rd for some breakfast. ( light run- maybe no showers ). Please do come along dressed in red. Bring some mandarin oranges and New Year tidbits to celebrate the new year. Hope to finish everything fast and all can go back and start your New Year visiting.

We will start the run at 7 am so please be on time. See you.

Yoke Weng

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