Sunday, July 10, 2011

11 ABC runners turned up for the Railway Track / Ghim Moh / Portsdown Run

Goh Choon Chiang writes: Eleven persons turned up today. Instead of following the planned route of 8.5 km ( with 500 m running on track), we ran 1 km on track all the way to Ghim Moh area and then turned back using on Buona Vista Rd to Science Park Rd and did a short cut back to Temasek Club.  Distance taken was 5.8km. Apart from free parking, free use of pool, free towel and free beers were made available to attendees.  The promised free massage was not offered as the masseuse went AWOL and did not turn up. Breakfast was at Mei Ling St Hawker Centre where we were joined by David Teo.

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