Saturday, July 16, 2011

17 July 2011 Sunday Run will start from Dempsey Road at 6.30am

I was at the SingTel Run against Cancer at East Coast Park last Sunday.  There were 3 official runners - myself, Shih Pin doing the 15 km and Mahean doing the 10km (masquerading as Dear Leader). There were 1 unofficial runner (Vidya) and 1 observer  (Pei Lin).  There was supposed to be 7000 runners but it look a bit less than that. So, there was too much of a jam either at the front or along the way.

The other group went to the railway line from Temasek Club. From the photos, it looks like more photo session than a running session. And I think it is a shorter run than the one to Mt Faber. 

This Sunday, we will take a break from the railway tracks and do a light run. So, back to Dempsey Rd.  See you at the usual time this Sunday - 6.30 am at Dempsey.

Yoke Weng

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