Monday, July 25, 2011

ABC Runners at Garlick Avenue on 24 July 2011. Choon Chiang presents recce report of new route.

Recce Report from Goh Choon Chiang.
After Bt Timah Visitor Centre, we followed Hindede Walk and ran about 300m to Rail Mall.  Waited a while for Tan Keng Yam but ended up Tan Cheng Ku.  Noticed much rubbish on the railway track.  For 79 years , the track was clean  and after three weeks opened to the public , we have people continuing their littering habit here .  There was even a can lined up properly on the rail itself.  Nai Eng boey tahan and picked up some of the rubbish and put them in the trash bin nearby. 

We recced Car Park A along Dairy Farm Rd  ( near Salvation Army ) , followed by Car Park B  ( near the Dairy Farm/ Petir Rd junction).  There is a toilet at Car Park B with sinks which can be used for washing up purpose.
We returned by Belukar Trail /  Pipeline Axis , cross over Rifle Range Rd to Kg Chantek and back to Garlick.   Total recce distance about 13 Km.  Time taken 1 hrs 50 mins.   Good practice for Tiger Trail.
Assessment :  Car Park B can be used as a staging point for either the Gansa Route or a modified Bt Timah reserve route.

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