Sunday, July 17, 2011

17 July 2011 Run from Dempsey Road

From Goh Choon Chiang: Despite the turning up of our long absent Mark Lim-Lim-Lim, we did not manage to make it double digit attendance. Of the nine starters, three went tree spotting in Botanic Garden and the other six checked out someone's house and confirmed that the guards were still deployed there. Choy May ran from Dempsey to Thomson Medical Center to go to work. She took 45 mins.

For breakfast at Ah Seng, things came in double portion -  Yu Char Kueh and Chye Tau Kueh.  Even the eggs were overcooked.  Wen Eng and David Teo joined us for breakfast.   New running routes - Gansa route with bathing facilities and city route without bathing facilities - were discussed. 

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